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DOTs speeding through crisp winter air

The winter weather has made me nostalgic for those good ‘ol days in high school: I would get dressed in many layers of tights, socks, boots, skirts, shirts, and scarves and walk to my high school where I was the only person wear a skirt, or anything more interesting that a sweatshirt and jeans. I was so funky back in those days, I never left the house in something that wasn’t creative, funky and feminine. I remember gradually building my fashionista skills through practice and mother’s advice: learning how to dress creatively and warmly.

I love the layered winter look SO MUCH. I missed it over the summer. MMmm: ruffled skirt, ribbed tights, bunched wool socks and hiking boots? YES YES YES. That is why lately I’m been getting up and becoming DOT and bicycling to next Youth Panel meeting. Biking as a girl is so much fun. My skirt ruffles in the wind as I look down at my legs in tights and rubber boots, pumping away. My body is erect and the wind is in my hair (my wig). I feel that sortof “you go girl” energy, associated with looking good and doing something non-traditional for a woman. You know, like when Buffy beats a scary monster while wearing heels and a stylish outfit.

But then I get to the meeting I’m going to and it’s kinda weird that I’m wearing a wig and a skirt. No one at the meeting acknowledges my unusual gender presentation or calls me by my name: DOT. It’s funny because, in my earlier days of genderbending that’s what I wanted: to be treated the same nomatter what I wore. But today, I like having my identity and persona recognized. Otherwise, it’s just kinda weird and I’m wondering what people are thinking. They are thinking something and I want to know what it is!!


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